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Insights from Leaders in the Hospitality Industry Now Available On-Line as a Video Resource from Prendismo
Insights from Leaders in the Hospitality Industry
Now Available On-Line as a Video Resource from Prendismo
Ithaca, NY – June 2015 / Newsmaker Alert / The Prendismo Hospitality Collection brings together over 500 video clips that offer insights from industry leaders in the hotel, restaurant, and consumer products industries. Prendismo delivers videos from interviews, panel discussions and lectures given by professionals that lead a wide variety of companies across the hospitality industry. The video collection is available from mobile devices and computers through all leading web browsers. With search features and videos curated into 2 minutes segments, users can locate specific speakers, topics, companies and industry items of interest. (

Recognizing that the hospitality industry is facing significant challenges to educate, train, and retain employees, Prendismo tailored its successful Prendismo Collection of 17,000 videos to a targeted set of 500 videos that speak directly to challenges in the hospitality industry. Mike McCarthy, President of Prendismo, said, “We are very pleased to be offering individuals access to senior managers and educators that have shared their personal insights while speaking at Cornell University. The wealth of information in our video collection will provide valuable information to people looking to succeed in the hospitality industry.” He added, “Prendismo’s on-line platform is well aligned with how universities, colleges and corporations are making information available to individuals on convenient, mobile platforms.”

The Prendismo Hospitality Collection is available to individuals on a subscription basis ($19.99/year, unlimited viewing), and corporate and university subscriptions are available to assist organizations with their educational and training needs. Eric Eisenhut, Vice President of Business Development at Prendismo said, “Anyone can now listen, see and benefit from the people who have grown successful hotel properties, who have launched innovative restaurant concepts, and who define consumer product trends that have a profound impact on markets. Prendismo will become an essential resource for individuals and organizations that recognize the importance of soft skills in the hospitality industry.”

To learn more about the Prendismo Hospitality Collection for individual, school, university or corporate licenses, please visit


About Prendismo
Founded in 2008, Prendismo has established its video delivery platform for rapid launch of products and services that engage individuals in personal and professional development. The video platform offers a cost effective method of curating and delivering videos which are rapidly becoming the preferred method of how people consume and share information. Prendismo offers access to the world’s premiere collection of digital video content on leadership, management, ethics, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Our videos and web based delivery platform offer unique insights and serve as a powerful tool for knowledge transfer. Prendismo works with publishers and curriculum developers to expand how video is used in education and training. More about Prendismo at

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Eric Eisenhut
VP of Business Development
950 Danby Rd. Suite 300
Ithaca, NY 14850

Placement Dates: 06/02/15 – 08/02/15
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